Welcome to 1999!

Let’s get Electric and Reminisce the Hip 1990s

Remember the time when No Doubt, the Seattle-based bands of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Bill Clinton, Pulp Fiction and Titanic were popular? What is the common element that binds all these? Well, all these were hits and popular during the Nineties. If the Seventies and Eighties were known for disco pop and icons like Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson, the Nineties are also known for their eclectic and popular combination of hit movies, music, and memorable celebrities. If you were born in the Eighties and you grew up during the Nineties. then you know the entertainment and explosive experience that this decade offered. But if you were not born during this time, or you simply forgot that magic of this time, then join us as we take you on a trip down 1990s memory lane!

Politics during the 1990s

Politics today are too stressful, and will make it difficult for you to justify your side or even show off your principles. But during the Nineties, politics were a bit simpler, and life was generally considered better. In the United States, this was considered one of the best economic times, when America was a prosperous nation and the country was headed by Bill Clinton. Clinton is a Nineties popular figure too, a young politician who successfully jumped from the governorship to the presidency. The Nineties were a time of massive leaps and development in politics ‒ the apartheid laws were repealed (South Africa) and Operation Desert Storm was started (1991).

From 2Pac to Lauryn Hill ‒ Electric music of the ’90s

If your rubric includes music, then hands down this decade is one of the best and memorable. The Nineties were all about pop, hip hop and ‘R n B’, thanks to the education provided by Lauryn Hill, originally from The Fugees, and 2Pac Shakur, and of course a smattering of grunge bands and boy bands. The teenage angst was well represented thanks to Seattle-based bands, like Nirvana and No Doubt. Also, bubblegum pop is well documented, led by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Rocking the fashion of the 1990s

Who can ever forget the fashions during the Nineties, especially the clothes worn by pop artists and band members? This was the time when the form was more important than function, and you could see around you the popularity of bandannas, windbreakers, and combat boots. This was the time to make a fashion and political statement, and the decade definitely pushed the style envelope and made the mark! Despite the time, things that haven’t changed that much are Singapore taxes – they are still minimal.