The 90’s fashion

Relive the Nineties Fashions and Discover How They Influence the Fashion Today

Every decade has its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies, and these are the elements that helped define the era. And the 1990’s had a strong style as a decade of memorable music, people, and fashion. The nostalgia that we hold for the decade is especially alive among those who were born during the Seventies and Eighties, and those who lived their adulthood during the Nineties. From 1990 to 1999, the world was treated to some of the best in fashion, and some of these elements, style, and principles are still present today, or at least influence the fashionable set today. For those who follow the fashion trends, this era was known as the time when the outrageous neon colours were put on the sidelines in favour of stark minimalism. And if you happen to follow the music industry, you will also get a clue and inspiration about the kind of fashion that was adopted during this time. This was the time when the younger set was influenced by punk, grunge, and hip hop, and this can be seen in the way band members dressed and how their fans followed suit. In short, the Nineties are an interesting time for fashion, and we note that the different fashion trends that were popular during this time still manage to influence the current fashion.

Never “Clueless” when it comes to fashion

One of the most iconic teen movies to come out of the decade was Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone. Released in 1995, Cluelessoffered a fresh and delightful take on teenage life and fashion. Based on the popular Jane Austen novel Emma, this movie was seen as a satire which poked fun at teen-based movies and the fashion followed by teenage girls. Some of the popular clothing items that came out of the movie and defined the era are the cropped sweater, choker, Doc Martens, and the plaid skirt. This was also the time when many girls went for minimalist fashion, and celebrities during this time preferred the slip dress, leather jackets, and high-tops. Accessories are also accepted during this time, provided that the list of accessories is kept at a minimum, a look that was popularized by Winona Ryder.

Letting go of “teenage angst” through that grunge look

Starting in 1990, the general public, especially the music industry, was treated to grunge music that was popularized by bands like Nirvana, No Doubt, Pearl Jam, and Radio Head. With the popularity of this type of music comes the popularity of clothes that were inspired by this type of music. Grunge fashion was the rage during this time, with fans of rock and grunge bands wearing distressed jeans and shirts. This combination is also complemented by a basic black choker and combat boots.

Baggy jeans and trousers for men

Men also followed their own unique fashion trend, and the 1990’s gave rise to men with baggy trousers and jeans. This type of pants was primarily the choice among guys who loved to listen and follow their favourite hip hop artists. The hip hop and rap artists of the 1990’s were known for wearing these types of pants ranged from MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, 2Pac to The Fugees. You cans still find this themes in slots – Start your gaming experience with match bonus and get more money to play with.

How 1990’s fashion influenced today’s fashion

The fashionable clothes of the Nineties, although worn more than two decades ago, with their high fashion sense and style, have not been completely forgotten. On the contrary, there are certain Nineties fashion styles that are still making a comeback today. Some of the fashionable tips and trends that made their comeback are berry lips, the use of the choker necklace, sexy and tousled hair (think Kate Moss hairstyle) and Doc Martens. Some elements of the Nineties fashions will not be forgotten; some of these elements are well remembered, and some are still much in use today!